Fall Intramural Session

Intramural Sessions offer students a wide variety of free after school educational activities to enrich and enhance their school experience.

Dates/Times: November 1st through December 8th (no sessions prior to Veteran’s Day or Thanksgiving Break) Time: 3:30 until 4:10. Buses are provided, if they are regularly transported


Intramural Session Offerings:

  1. Cooking Intramural – learning how to make quick easy snacks and treats
  2. Writing Workshop – learn how to write a poem, story and/or paper through proper writing techniques
  3. Calligraphy/Lettering – Students will learn the art of calligraphy writing using a variety of methods
  4. Digital Photography – Students will learn how to take pictures and edit them using their devices
  5. Chess Club – Learn about how to play chess or continue learning and improving your game
  6. Homework Club – a place to complete/work on homework with the help of staff and computers.
  7. Cheer/Dance – Hudson’s Bay Cheerleaders will teach students cheers that they use at the high school. Students will also perform the cheers in front of Discovery.
  8. Knitting/Crocheting Club – Students will learn how to knit and/or crochet. Students will make simple items and learn a skill that they can continue in the future