Your future starts today

The choices you make now can impact your high school experience, your college options and even your future career. Discovery students can benefit from the following programs. Take a look and start planning today!

The College Bound Scholarship helps make college possible for students whose families can’t pay some or all of the costs of a higher education. The scholarship pays for tuition at certain Washington colleges and universities. It also will cover some fees and provide a small allowance for books.


Students who meet one of the following requirements are automatically enrolled in College Bound:

  • Students who are in public school and eligible for free-and-reduced price lunch in 7th, 8th, or newly eligible in 9th grade.
  • Students who are in state foster care, or a dependent of the state between 7th grade and high school graduation.

Other ways to qualify

Some students do not fit into either scenario but are interested in applying for College Bound. Students and families can contact the College Bound program to apply if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Attend a private school or homeschool program in Washington State and meet the income requirements.
  • Are in another type of foster care and not eligible for free-and-reduced price lunch.
Washington state has a prepaid college tuition program to help with tuition costs. You can prepay tomorrow’s college tuition with today’s dollars, and your money is guaranteed to keep pace with rising college tuition, no matter how much it increases in the future.