Discovery expectations

Be respectful Be responsible and Be safe with empathy

What students, parents and guardians need to know

At Discovery, we want every student to feel safe and welcome so that they can learn and thrive. Along with our culture and behavioral expectations, the following guidelines help make this possible.

Discovery students are expected to do their own work and be academically honest at all times.

Plagiarism and cheating are not permitted in any form. Plagiarism occurs when someone takes the ideas or writings of others and presents them as if they were his or her own. This definition includes all print and electronic sources as well as computer programs and artwork.

Plagiarism and cheating include but are not limited to:

  • Copying another’s work, whether from a book, article or website, without giving credit
  • Copying another student’s assignment
  • Submitting another student’s work as one’s own
  • Paraphrasing (rewording) of another’s work without giving credit to the author
  • Cutting and pasting sections of several pieces of others’ work without giving credit
  • Recycling previously submitted work


Plagiarized assignments will earn a grade of zero. Students are allowed one chance in their middle school career to rewrite a plagiarized assignment. Any further instances of plagiarism may result in appropriate sanctions.

Personal electronic devices, not including school-issued iPads, need to be powered down and stored away from 9 a.m. to  3:30 p.m. Students may use their devices only during the following times:


  • Use of personal electronic devices is allowed, unless there is explicit content and/or inappropriate use
  • It’s OK to listen to music while you are seated at your table. Take earbuds out when speaking or listening to others.
  • Taking pictures and filming other students is not permitted.

Staff members may give students permission to use their personal electronic devices in class, but they are to be used under teacher direction only.

  • Device use depends on the teacher’s expectations. Personal electronic devices are to be used with teacher permission only. This includes listening to music.
  • If a personal electronic device is being used without permission, progressive discipline will be imposed as follows:
    1. A verbal warning from the teacher
    2. Parent contact
    3. Personal electronic device locked in the office and picked up by the student at the end of the day. The second time a device is taken, it needs to be picked up by a parent at the end of the day.
    4. Other office discipline as appropriate

Before and after school

  • Use of personal electronic devices is allowed, unless there is explicit content and/or inappropriate use

When traveling in the hallways

  • No personal electronic use is permitted. Earbuds should be put away and not visible.
District-issued iPads are a valuable learning tool. However, students are expected to use them appropriately and follow directions.

During class

  • Students’ iPad use depends on the teacher’s expectations. The iPad is to be used with teacher permission only.
  • If a device is being used without permission, the teacher may use progressive discipline starting with:
    1. Teacher gives verbal warning and will maintain disciplinary records.
    2. Student keeps iPad in backpack for the period.
    3. Parent is contacted about appropriate use.
    4. Infraction form/office assigns progressive discipline each trimester.

Before and after school

  • Use of iPads is allowed.
  • To avoid theft and/or damage, students should know where their iPads are at all times; iPads should never be left unattended.

When traveling in the hallways

  • Students should close, strap and put away their iPads.

During lunch

  • To avoid damage from food and beverages, iPads are to be safely stored off the tables for the first 15 minutes of lunch.
  • Students may use their iPads after the release to recess as long as there is no food nor drink at the table.
  • Students should know where their iPads are at all times; iPads should never be left unattended.

Students need to report lost or stolen iPads immediately.

Before and after school

  • Walk to and from school with a friend.
  • Always stick to the safe, usual route.
  • Use the crosswalks and sidewalks when they are available. Follow all safety and traffic rules.
  • Use the appropriate crosswalk in the bus zone.
  • Wear a helmet and walk bikes on campus.

On the bus

  • Change-of-bus requests can be approved in the main office in the morning.
  • Bus notes are required to ride with friends.
  • Changes in bus routes/stops must be approved.

At the school

  • Valuables, large sums of money, etc. should be left at home; the school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Students are prohibited from buying/selling unauthorized items at school.
  • Health Department guidelines prohibit students from sharing food/beverages with others.
  • Students are prohibited from giving or receiving any medications, vitamins, pills or drugs of any type.
  • Never share personal passwords or locker combinations.
  • Lock and secure items during PE; don’t leave personal items unattended.

Always report any unusual situations to the school and/or parents/guardians, or call 911 immediately.

For the safety and well-being of students, the following items are not allowed at school:

  • Weapons, guns, toy guns, knives of any kind, baseball bats, throwing stars or any lookalike items
  • Lighters, matches, fireworks, live ammunition and shell casings
  • Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, vapes and drug/alcohol paraphernalia
  • Safety pins and other potentially dangerous items
  • Glass items and glass containers
  • Blankets, pillows and stuffed animals
  • Balloons and water balloons
  • Valuables, large amounts of money and expensive jewelry
  • Scooters, skates, skateboards and Heelys
  • Laser pens and pointers
  • Permanent markers and paint pens
  • Energy drinks and sunflower seeds
  • Perfume and cologne body sprays, lotions and deodorants

Cellphones should be silenced or turned off. See “Personal electronic devices.”

We conduct monthly safety and evacuation drills. Students are asked to stay calm, follow the staff’s directions and remain quiet for instructions. Evacuation maps are posted in each classroom.

Should an emergency or disaster ever arise in our area while school is in session, the building staff at Discovery has made preparations to respond effectively. Students will be cared for until we are able to release them safely to authorized emergency release contacts (who have picture IDs).

Please make sure your phone numbers and emergency contacts are up to date! To change or verify that your information is correct, please contact the school office at 360-313-3300. Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency.

Modest and appropriate dress is an expectation at Discovery, just as it is in any place of business. Inappropriate dress or appearance, which causes a disruption of the education process or presents health/safety problems, will not be permitted. If you are in doubt if an item of clothing is acceptable, ask an administrator or counselor. Students inappropriately dressed will be asked to change or call home for a change of clothes. Repeat offenders will be subject to progressive discipline.

Prohibited dress or appearance specifically includes, but is not limited to:

  • Displaying lewd, sexual and/or drug-, tobacco- or alcohol-related messages on clothing, accessories, personal items or body markings
  • Clothing, accessories, personal items or body markings that depict or promote illegal or violent conduct or weapons that are prohibited at school
  • Exhibiting a bare midriff or underwear
  • Wearing shorts or skirts that are shorter than the wearer’s fingertips when arms are hanging down
  • Writing, designs or logos on clothing, accessories, personal items or body markings that discriminate based on a person’s sex, race, religion, national origin, disability or gender orientation
  • Wearing, carrying or displaying clothing, accessories, personal items or body markings that symbolize gang membership as reported by local law enforcement agencies. Symbols of gang affiliation periodically shall be communicated to principals, who shall share this information with parents and students.
  • Clothing or backpacks with bandana prints

The following items also are not allowed:

  • Chains, long belts and lanyards without keys
  • Bandanas of any color
  • Pajamas/slippers
  • Bare feet (shoes must be worn at all times)
  • Sagging pants
  • Hats, hoods, gloves and sunglasses worn inside
  • Holes in pants above the fingertips
  • Low necklines or armholes
  • Spaghetti straps and strapless tops and dresses