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Hello Discovery Parents and Families, Happy November!  We are entering into my favorite time of year. I love celebrating the holidays, the transition from summer to fall and the leaves changing color, and yes, I even enjoy the cooler wetter weather. At least for a short time. We have much to work on here at [...]

2018 Fall Intramural Registration!

2018 FALL Intramural Session Intramural Sessions offer students a wide variety of free after school educational activities to enrich and enhance their school experience. Dates/Times: NOVEMBER 6th – DECEMBER 8th = EVERY TUESDAY & THURSDAY = 3:30 until 4:10. Buses provided, if a bus regularly transports them.   Fall Intramural Session Offerings:   Cooking Intramural [...]

October 9th, 2018|school news|

Find innovation in your library

by Traci Chun | Teacher Librarian | Skyview High School Shh! Shh! Shh!  Gone are the days of the library being a silent space filled with books and a shushing librarian. Today’s libraries are filled with technology, innovation, learning, and yes, books. As information is shared globally with only a few keystrokes, the need [...]

September 27th, 2018|librarian blog|

Washington State 2018 Healthy Youth Survey

Our district is participating in the Washington State Healthy Youth Survey during fall 2018. The Healthy Youth survey includes questions related to physical activity and diet, unintentional and intentional injury, substance use, risk and protective factors, access to shcool-based-services, andsexual behaviors, abuse and orientation. Survey results are used by schools, communities and state agencies to [...]

Battle of the Books creates powerful readers

Marshall accidentally “buzzed in” due to the adrenaline rush that took control of his pointer finger. Teammates turned to Marshall with bated breath while he stared at the emcee as though he was just caught peeing in the library.  The five seconds of silence seemed like an eternity. As each second passed, Marshall’s expression repeatedly [...]

September 13th, 2018|librarian blog|
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