Reland Short
6th Grade
Brett Alvord
7th Grade
Megan Vanrees
8th Grade

School counselors improve student success

Counselors are vital members of the education team. They help students thrive in school and work toward their school and life goals.

College readiness

Explore college and careers

Middle school is the foundation for high school and beyond. Check out these college-planning resources.

Academic achievement

Get help with school

Counselors help students be successful in school. They also can assist with scheduling and graduation requirements.

Social and emotional skills

Learn how to deal with challenges

Students can seek help with personal issues, including family, friends, depression, self-esteem and drug and alcohol use.

Students helping students

Peer mediation and student ambassadors

Peer mediation resolves conflicts. Ambassadors help new students. Contact a counselor to apply.


Call the main office at 360-313-3300

To see a counselor, contact him/her directly or send them an email.