Vancouver Public Schools evaluated safety protocols and facility structures and as a result Discovery has installed a new security system that will allow our front office staff to have entrance control to the building. A buzzer has been placed to the left of the front doors on the brick panel with an intercom and camera. Visitors and volunteers who come to school after the school day has begun will need to be “buzzed in” by our front office staff, who will have full camera-view of those approaching/wanting to enter our building. This will allow all visitors to easily contact the office for entry but allow the building to control the front entry.

Doors will be locked in the mornings around 9:15 and they will remain locked all day. If you come to school and the doors are locked please push the button to the left of the front doors to contact the front office for admittance. Please be prepared to show your ID when removing your student for an appointment or communicating with them.