Principal’s Corner

Principal’s Corner

Hello Discovery Parents and Families,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! There is something very rejuvenating about celebrating the start of a new year. While December is a nice time to reflect, January is when we start to take action on those goals we have set for ourselves in the coming year. I hope you have had some nice time with your family over the break, and I am SURE everyone is ready to get back to the regular routine…..well almost everyone.

Speaking of goals, allow me to encourage some thought around the goals our students might think about as they return to school. While we are here to support student learning, it is critical the STUDENT is at the center of the work to learn. Helping each individual student recognize and achieve their potential is an important part of what we do, but students who are successful at learning (and life for that matter) have to assume the responsibility for the effort and time they put in to their learning.

What goals might this stimulate some thinking around you may ask? Attendance. The research is very clear students who are at school learn at higher levels. Make it a goal to be here at least 90% of the time. Behavior. Students who are making the right choices to be kind, follow directions, and stay on task are more successful both academically and socially. Make it a goal to follow expectations at all times. Effort. Being a successful student is not easy. Sometimes you have to work at something you don’t really want to do. Sometimes you have to work on something you don’t really understand very well. Sometimes you have to work with people you don’t really want to work with. We all know however, that the harder you work and the more persistent you are, the more successful you are. Make it a goal to try your best in all your classes on every assignment every day.  The partnership between home and school is a critical one to ensure a student’s success. That partnership is really a triad of teacher, student, and parent working together to engage, empower, and encourage students to ensure they learn. Let’s make it a great 2019 working together for your students’ success!

Believe it or not, for 8th grade students, January is the beginning of the forecasting process for high school. Please note the high school information nights in the newsletter, as the first one is very soon. I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to get to know what the high schools have to offer as you look ahead to life after middle school. The rest of you can wait a little longer before thinking about next year, but 8th graders it is time to find out more about the next phase in your educational life!

The Learner Profile focus for the month of January is PRINCIPLED. This can be a tough one for all of us. Someone who is principled acts with integrity and honesty. They have a strong sense of fairness, justice, and respect for the dignity of the individual, groups, and communities. Principled people take responsibility for their actions and the consequences that accompany them. Think what kind of school we would have if all of our students were truly PRINCIPLED! Think what kind of society we would have if everyone was truly principled.

Let’s all agree to act with integrity and honesty, and teach our kids to do the same. Let’s all agree to have respect for the dignity of others, and teach our kids to do the same. What a great goal to work on for the new year!

Empowering students to create a better world,

Mark Cain


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